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About Emily

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm so happy you found your way here! I'd love for you to stick around and learn a little about me. 

In a nutshell, I'm a mother, friend, artist, animal & nature lover, retired firefighter, adventurer, risk taker, and I've been told I'm a pretty good cook.

I believe in raw honesty, listening without judging, and learning complete awareness & caretaking of one's self and those we love.

You can Book Now to schedule your hair appointment or keep reading to learn more about me!

I grew up on a big family farm of row crops, commercial chicken houses, siblings & cousins riding bicycles all over the place, cheese & mustard sandwiches, and ransacking Grandma's house every chance we got. I'm the youngest of three girls and we were always taught that the job is done when you are finished, not when you are tired. I still live and work by this belief and am teaching my children to do the same.

I began working in the corporate world as a young adult and after nearly a decade of it, I finally realized there was an artistic ingredient missing from my life. Queue complete career upheaval and the completion of cosmetology school in  2005. This was it. My creative outlet. It was obvious now that this was the intended vehicle for me to use in order to love on people, cultivate genuine connections and get my creativity on.
In 2007, I became a mother (after 41 weeks of pregnancy!) This was it. The most wonderful, magical, biggest surprise and most important job I've ever been trusted with. Sometimes I still don't know what I'm doing, but we're learning together every day and enjoying the jouney!  

In 2010 an absurd opportunity came my way. You see, I signed up to become a firefighter. My thought process went a little something like this...This was it. I'll get to love on and help people in a multitude of ways. I'll get to play with a firetruck. I'll get paid to break things. The schedule is great and I can still do hair on my days off. It'll provide security for my family...etc. So, I took the written test and passed. I did the physical agility test and passed. I attended the interview and they approved of my answers. In 2012 I got the call that they were starting a new rookie class that July and they asked if I still wanted to be a firefighter. Of course I said yes, but I occasionally questioned my decision as I was doing all of the burpees and pushups throughout the 20 week paramilitary recruit school. I'll tell you though, rocking the shift work, playing with power tools, loving on patients and running hot with lights and sirens is an adventure! In 2021, my intuition nudged me to shift (actually, it shook me real hard and slapped me in the face), so I retired from the fire service after nearly nine years and took A Messy Miracle full-time so I could have more time with my family. Leaving my firehouse family was HARD....and heartbreaking. But you know, you've got to listen to your gut even when you don't know all of the answers to the questions that haven't been asked yet.

Being a stylist brings me joy, fulfillment and personal connections unlike any other career. Above all else, I value each of my clients and the mutually supportive nature of the client/stylist relationship. I am honored that my guests share their lives with me. The stories of their joys, sorrows, children, pets, vacations and life plans. When a client sits a spell in my chair, they can relax and rest easy in an honest, private, efficient and judgement free environment. I love to visit, I'm a great listener and I've even got some stories of my own to share during your time with me.

I thrive on the creativity and schedule flexibility this craft provides for me. Some of my favorite things about it are the ever changing trends, products & techniques, the freedom to gently bend all the rules, and most of all, the energy shift of my client when they see how beautiful they are and how powerful they feel at the end of our session. 

I'd love to visit with you and I'm pretty certain if you made it this far through my bio, we are most likely perfectly compatible to spend some great times together in the salon. Let's come up with a vision for you and make it happen! You can schedule a free consultation or just Go For It and book an appointment for some pampering. 
This is it. Just email or book now so we can get connected!

Live Colorfully,


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